Essentials 1600mm Left Hand Rectangular Panel Desk


Product Description

  • Immerse yourself in a clutter-free workspace with integrated grey cable ports that maintain a tidy and organized environment.
  • Reinforced with metal-to-metal fixings, these desks guarantee exceptional strength and durability, ensuring a stable platform for your work.
  • Uneven floors are no longer a concern, thanks to the adjustable feet that allow you to achieve perfect balance and stability.


Introducing our Left Hand Radial Panel Desks – a harmonious fusion of classic aesthetics and modern functionality, meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate into any office setting. Crafted with a traditional flair, these desks effortlessly become a part of your workspace, while their sturdy leg panels serve as ingenious concealers for wires and under-desk items.

Elevate your office experience with the Left Hand Radial Panel Desks. Where classic design meets contemporary practicality, these desks are more than just furniture – they are a statement of efficiency and timeless elegance.