Essentials 1800mm Rectangular Panel Desk


Product Description

  • Seamlessly integrated grey cable ports ensure a clean and organized workspace, keeping your cables neatly managed.
  • Reinforced with metal-to-metal fixings, our Panel Desks are engineered for robustness and longevity, providing a stable and reliable work surface.
  • Uneven floors are no match for our desks, thanks to their adjustable feet that allow for precise leveling, ensuring your workspace remains perfectly balanced.


Introducing our Panel Desks – the epitome of timeless office elegance that seamlessly harmonizes with any workspace. Crafted in a classic style, these desks effortlessly complement diverse office settings, while their sturdy leg panels are ingeniously designed to discreetly hide wires and items beneath the desk surface.

Elevate your office aesthetic and functionality with our Panel Desks – where timeless design meets modern practicality.