Essentials 1800mm Right Hand Rectangular Panel Desk


Product Description

  • Experience a clutter-free workspace through integrated grey cable ports that maintain an organized and tidy environment.
  • Reinforced with metal-to-metal fixings, this desk guarantees remarkable strength and durability, offering a steadfast foundation for all your work endeavors.
  • Uneven floors pose no challenge, thanks to the adjustable feet that allow you to achieve impeccable stability and equilibrium.


Discover our Right Hand Radial Panel Desk – a flawless fusion of enduring design and modern practicality, meticulously crafted to seamlessly meld with any office ambiance. Infused with classic style, this desk effortlessly integrates into your workspace, while its sturdy leg panels are ingeniously fashioned to discreetly hide wires and items beneath the surface.

Elevate your office arrangement with the Right Hand Radial Panel Desk. By bridging the gap between timeless aesthetics and contemporary functionality, this isn’t just a desk – it’s an embodiment of efficiency and enduring elegance.